I am an Asheville, North Carolina Boudoir photographer and I love being able to capture amazing images with natural light that compliments you and your body. Boudoir is for everyone. Literally everyone. Whether you want some sexy pictures for yourself (because literally every woman needs that and no i’m not kidding), or your boo, DO IT!

Boudoir isn’t about strappy clothing and wearing as little as possible in order to be sooo sexy. It’s about wearing basically whatever you want and doing a session that allows YOU to see your beauty. Women are sexy, we are allowed to feel sexy and show that off.

When we can see how beautiful we are JUST the way we are, we gain a confidence in us. And I know literally everyone can agree with me that confidence is sexy. Now i’m not talking about being cocky or a douche, but the confidence to be who you are in your skin at this exact moment in your life.

I want to be the one who shows pictures during your session and says, “Damn girl, look at dat ASS in this shot!”! I love showing photos on my camera as we are shooting to show you you’re looking fantastic. I make ya’ll do crazy poses, open your mouth at random times, will tell you to arch your arch and poke your butt out over and over and over and over. When I say, “arch your bark”, and “poke your butt out”, I need you to be HELLA extra and pop that booty, girl!

You will feel like a KWEEN during your session! And my favorite part of boudoir is that I don’t do retouching. I’ll fix scratches, bruises, blemishes, and things that are not permanent. But as I’ve been on this boudoir journey, i’ve learned- what is the point in doing a boudoir shoot JUST to change things in editing that are normally there? I can’t imagine doing a photoshoot of myself just to change the things I hate, cause now i’ve got a shit-load of pictures I WISH I looked like. And what a confidence killer that is.

There are thousands of outfits, poses, and props to use during your session! The options are endless and so is your beauty.


It doesn’t take anything but a body to do Boudoir. You don’t need a fancy room, fancy bed, beautiful decor etc... I use natural light to capture the curves of your body with both highlights and deep shadows, because the main focus is you. Let’s keep it that way.

My style is moody. I love the deep colors! The way it makes you feel when you see the contrast on your body, and the soft highlights that compliment your skin.